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Do the New Employee Innovation Contest

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“The company’s most urgent task is to learn to welcome— beg for— demand innovation from everyone.” - Tom Peters

The DO THE NEW materials offer an easy way to initiate a program of innovations within your company. The Contest package includes six PDF files:

1. President's Package
Interactive Letters to enlist Do The New Committee Members
DoTheNew_President.pdf (1.01 mb)
» Contest Planning Outline
» Employee Contest Materials
» Methods of Rewarding Winners
Note: This file is not created as a form, but rather is for illustrative purposes.
DoTheNew_Committee.pdf (229.60 kb)
Six interactive forms to run the contest
DoTheNew_Contest.pdf (561.36 kb)
Interactive Idea Evaluation Form. Calculates scores.
DoTheNew_Evaluation.pdf (1.00 mb)
Interactive Score Sheet. Calculates scores.
DoTheNew_ScoreSheet.pdf (544.30 kb)
Interactive Idea Implementation Form
DoTheNew_Implement.pdf (545.14 kb)
Full program, not interactive
DoTheNew_Program.pdf (324.33 kb)

Nervous is Good

nervous man

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is especially true in marketing. Successful programs require calculated risk taking. We are in business to help you develop communications programs that will target the right audience--grab attention--relate your message--and be remembered. Achieving that level of impact requires planning, creativity, and a willingness on the part of the client--you--to take some risks.

One agency executive has said: "An advertising agency that shows you work that does not contain some sense of the unexpected - at least a few surprises - is simply not doing its job the way it should. I am quite serious when I say that one of the main responsibilities any advertising agency has is to prepare, propose, and fight for ads that make clients nervous!!"

If you feel nervous after your agency has made a presentation, ask yourself: Is my reaction based on a valid intuition that these creatives simply won't achieve my goals, or am I timid about really making an impact?

Would customers and others consider the program under review refreshing-- inspiring-- meritorious-- clever-- thought provoking-- innovative? Would your competitors wish it was theirs? If so, your nervous feeling is a good sign. And if the program has no breakthrough qualities, why consider it at all?

Breakthrough programs are the way to go in marketing, so relax, and take a risk!

Fastest growing Kentucky companies

It's fun to peruse the 2015 Inc. 5000 List.

Loot Crate won the national competition for fastest growing company with a 3-year growth rate of 66,789%. In comparison the runner up, Paint Nite, only grew by 36,555%. Both are in the Consumer Products and Services sector.

"The Los Angeles-based Loot Crate sends as many as 650,000 monthly subscribers in 35 countries a box filled with collectibles like a Back to the Future hoverboard replica and a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-shirt. The company, founded in 2012 by Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo, tops this year’s Inc. 5000 list by overcoming shipping strikes, product scarcity, and the uncertain subscription-box economy to succeed in the business of fandom."

Among the top 10 fastest growing national winners are the two consumer product companies and two business products companies. The single categories include: government services, health, retail, advertising & marketing, energy and software.

The top Kentucky winners are graphed using the HTML5 canvas element here, and in the table below.

The hyperlinks in the table below will take you to the company's Inc. 5000 description that includes its url.

215 United Installs 606% $3.4 million Construction 2012 Erlanger KY
611 Legion Logistics 744% $25.5 million Logistics & Transportation 2009 Florence KY
730 Bluegrass Dedicated 614% $8.9 million Logistics & Transportation 2011 Bowling Green KY
750 Capture Higher Ed 509% $5 million Education 2011 Louisville KY
1390 Alliance Cost Containment 452% $4.5 million Business Products & Services 1992 Louisville KY
1475 Studio Calico 279% $7.6 million Consumer Products & Services 2007 Bowling Green KY
1503 21c Museum Hotels 273% $3.5 million Travel & Hospitality 2007 Louisville KY
1878 Nexigen 229% $4.6 million IT Services 2003 Newport KY
2312 Kona Ice 56% $18.2 million Hospitality 2007 Florence KY
2350 Component Supply 163% $3.3 million Logistics & Transportation 2000 Louisville KY