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Welcome to my imperfect media listing

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Most listings are for the Kentuckiana region, but you will also find some national and international media outlets. Help yourself.

I love consistency, so the categorizations that seem to be askew are not by design.

It's hard to strictly categorize media. Is a newspaper directed to Kentuckians a niche publication, a newspaper, or a Kentuckiana medium? It's all three, but how would you search for it? I decided to classify media by "target" groups. Do you want to target a particular audience in Kentucky? Click on the link that describes the type of group you want to reach.

You can also use the Search Box or Tag Cloud.

Perhaps you would see a small newspaper as a mass medium. How many thousands of viewers qualify as a mass of people? And what is the difference between mass and mainstream media? Many headaches can result from attempting to provide media categories that make sense. For example, I decided to classify directories as a way to reach the masses, but in reality, they could be viewed as niche publications.

After selecting a target group, you will go to a page with individual posts for the media likely to reach that audience.