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Dynamic Marketing Worksheets

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Need help thinking about your product or service?

For many years we've consulted with small businesses and nonprofits to assist with their print and web projects. Often we have found that the owners or managers are uncertain about what to state and where to place ads. To offer some free assistance, we began an Article Shop and Media Listing on our website.

We also created several Dynamic Marketing Worksheets to help you plan your marketing. All were created in Acrobat Professional. These files can be opened on any computer and with Adobe Reader (a free download) you can fill out, save and print your responses.

Make Your Advertising Pay

Before you contract with DAY or any agency for advertising assistance, a website, capabilities brochure (etc), answer all the questions in the Make Your Advertising Pay worksheets. This is a key to your future marketing success.

Do The New!

Stay competitive! Find out your employees’ ideas for improvements. They are the cogs in your wheels. Engage them! The Do The New Employee Contest will help you.

The Zer0-based Marketing Audit

Focus. Ask your staff to fill out the Zer0-Based Marketing Audit. Magnify and clarify your view of your marketing program.