Combining the Mads Kristensen Miniblog.core with an Core MVC website introduced positive aspects to a project for a nonprofit.

The Blog is SEO ready in many ways and brought the site into search quickly. For better or worse it forced the used of closed tags for those that do not require a closing tag, like the image tag because of strict use of Xml.

It took me a while to figure out that my PayPal form would not work because it enforces Html5 — no end tag for input or image; and though I adjusted the code for the project, it cleaned itself up when published.

The button refused to take me to the PayPal site and the error messages were hard to figure out. Though it said it was a form-action issue, I think it was a code conflict between Xml and Html5. If I am wrong, please send me an email, thanks.

The easy way out was to dumb down the PayPal forms to a single item (no dropdowns) so that I could use the email version of PP’s code. That took the form out of the site altogether leaving the xml structure undisturbed. I tried other options but the form code always ran inside the app and would not work.

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